BioEcolians is the trade name for an original and unique α-gluco-oligosaccharide. It is a non GMO, gluten free and low caloric prebiotic for a good digestive health.

Available as a powder, BioEcolians dissolves quickly in water without any viscosity. Tasteless, colorless and odorless, it has a good pH and heat stability.

BioEcolians does not lead to excess gas and bloating, improving intestinal balance. It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, stimulates glycolytic enzymes and is converted into short chain fatty acids.

Its action on the flora contributes also to the regulation of the energetic metabolism through the AMPK pathway, contributing to the reduction of weight, adiposity and food intake.

Moreover, the use of BioEcolians allows to give a boost to probiotics and with a low water activity it improves the shelf life of the symbiotic formulation.

Alone or associated to probiotics, BioEcolians can be formulated in sachets, capsules or tablets. The recommended dosage is at least 1g/day to observe an effect on the digestive comfort.