Nexira’s Exocyan™ is a unique brand of selected cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) extract, a small berry grown exclusively in North and South America. This berry is naturally packed with polyphenols and especially ProAnthoCyanidins (PACs), a type of flavonoid, with antioxidant and other health activities.  Exocyan product line is standardized from 1 to 50% on proanthocyanidines (PACs). It contains a unique type of cranberry flavonoids with antibacterial activity: the A-type PACs.

The anti-adhesion property of A-Type PACs is the basis of cranberry’s extraordinary ability to improve urinary tract health.

Exocyan™ is a natural alternative to other chemicals used as antimicrobials in oral care products, because it is food grade and natural, Exocyan is perfectly safe when ingested.

2 preliminary studies demonstrated Exocyan ability to reduce dental plaque when used in chewing-gum ( – 28% in 4 weeks) and toothpaste (- 15% in 6 weeks). It has a low caloric value and no cariogenic effect. Exocyan™ is available in organic version.