With its proprietary grape seed extract FitGrape, Skyherb becomes China’s first, also one of the very few suppliers globally offering Kosher certified grape seed extract. Skyherb has worked on the Kosher certification of its grape seed for over 3 years, which has undergone thorough and extensive site inspections and close review throughout the entire process, from preparation of grape seeds to the polyphenols extraction.

Grape products applying for the kosher certification has been restricted for the Jewish laws against idolatry, therefore, grape seed extract requires more thorough and stricter inspection by the Rabbinic Coordinator compared with other pareve products. The entire process, from raw material to finished products requires strict regulations to ensure the quality of product: only kosher grape seeds can be used, production base must conform to the regulations; regular visits and supervision are required in the production base during the whole process. Most of the certification procedures are expected to take several years.