Hi-Omega-7™ Sea Buckthorn Oil (SBO) is extracted from the whole berry (pulp and seed) of Sea Buckthorn, Hippohae rhamnoides L., this provides an ideal profile of fatty acids, with a high proportion of Palmitoleic Acid (Omega-7), 31– 42%.

Hi-Omega-7 is derived through supercritical CO2 extraction without the use of any solvents or added oils. Pesticide levels are n/d by USP 561 method, and this oil conforms to the lowest EU standards for benzopyrene (<2ppb) and PAH (<10ppb).

  • Super critical CO2 extracted
  • High level of Palmitoleic acid (Omega 7): 32 – 41%
  • Extracted from the whole berry for optimal nutrient content
  • Pesticide levels are n/d by USP 561 method, and this oil conforms to the lowest EU standards for benzopyrene (<2ppb) and PAH (<10ppb).

Hi-Omega-7 supports cardiovascular health, digestive health, and healthy skin. Hi-Omega-7 is available in pure oil or in soft-gels (500mg) Ethical Naturals