Ceratiq® Phytoceramides are an exciting ingredient to help address this market. Ceratiq offers a wide range of benefits that are associated with hydrated skin. Improved overall skin health, elasticity, suppleness and youthful appearance. A natural, vegan source of ceramides – a class of lipids known as ‘the skin’s natural sealant’ – Ceratiq Phytoceramides are available in oil and water-soluble powder forms and can be a perfect added benefit in a wide range of beauty-from-within formulations.

Hydrated skin is happy skin

The stratum corneum is the outer layer of skin composed of keratinized, fused, flat cells that are bound together by lipids. Among these lipids, cholesterol, free fatty acids and ceramides play a major role in skin hydration and overall health of the skin. Ceramides are very important in skin hydration, representing 35 to 40% of intercellular cement.

Clinically Studied for Skin Hydration

A 90-day study of women showed that Ceratiq improved skin hydration significantly (p < 0.01) compared with baseline hydration and the placebo group. 95% of subjects in the Ceratiq group responded with increased skin hydration.