Longvida®, developed and patented in collaboration with UCLA neuroscientists to pass the blood-brain barrier through lymphatic uptake, delivers free curcumin (not glucuronidated or inactivated) at levels greater than 65 times unformulated curcumin extracts. Published clinical results have shown Longvida® to be improve a number of endpoints (amyloid-beta, tau, IL-6, NO, TNF-α, COX-2) related to brain and healthy aging resulting in positive health correlations. Longvida® boasts excellent GI tolerability, is fast acting and has published long-term safety studies, with additional clinical trials underway.

Longvida® latest study: brain function improvements just 1 hour after treatment
The winning research of the year (Nutraingredients Awards, 2015) “Effect of curcumin on cognitive function and mood in healthy older humans” (Swinburne University, 2014) indicated that, just one hour after treatment with a single 400mg dose of Longvida, healthy older participants showed superior performance over placebo on validated tasks relating to attention and working memory. In addition, a 30-day supplementation improved measures of calmness, contentedness and fatigue versus placebo. The study included 60 participants, and no dropouts or side effects were reported.

Furthermore, the authors suggested a possible mechanism by which the effects of Longvida to support energy were observed in less than one hour.

Recommended daily dosage:
200mg – 500mg according to application (400mg clinical dose).

Longvida® (EU patent EP1993365) is manufactured by Verdure Sciences and distributed in Europe by Gee Lawson Ltd