Joint health support

Mangoselect®, from the French ingredient developer Fytexia, is a Mangosteen extract standardized in 2 well caracterized xanthones, alpha & gamma mangostins. The 2 compounds are proven to work the same way as pharmaceutical products (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to inhibit specifically the COX-2 chain reaction responsible of inflammation.

A human study on 24 volunteers has proven Mangoselect’s ability to alleviate joint pain associated with the body’s natural inflammatory response to occasional stressors: Mangoselect has been tested in a clinical study ran on elder people and sportsmen suffering connective tissue inflammation.

The results have highlighted a significant reduction of discomfort by 50% and 31% for elderly and athletes respectively (p<0.05) within 5 days of supplementations.

As Mangoselect is an extract from mangosteen, a fruit used in traditional asian medicine, it offers a natural alternative to pharmaceutical compounds, with no side effect.

Mangoselect is suitable for tablets and capsules, 0,6g/day.