NeOpuntia™: The world recognized healthy lipophilic fiber
With NeOpuntia™, Nexira offers a second weight management premium ingredient that already has consumers worldwide convinced: NeOpuntia, patented powder of Opuntia ficus indica, was developed for its exceptional lipophilic properties. NeOpuntia interacts with ingested fats to impede their digestion and absorption.

Beyond its lipophilic/weight management properties, NeOpuntia offers further health benefits, which fit perfectly with the current trend of the weight management market, targeting not just weight loss but also healthrelated troubles linked to obesity (e.g., Syndrome X).

NeOpuntia™ combines weight management and global ‘health’ management wonderfully and a clinical study showed that in addition to its lipophilic properties:

  • NeOpuntia™ could help to balance blood lipid levels and reduce cardiovascular risk due to its beneficial effects on HDL cholesterol levels
  • NeOpuntia™ could play a part in the regulation of the parameters linked to Syndrome X, particularly regarding HDL and triglycerides parameters.