Pantesin® is a pure and highly absorbable form of Pantethine (an active form of Vitamin B5) that provides safe and comprehensive support for healthy blood lipids.*
Pantesin works at the cellular level, enhancing enzyme and metabolic activity to help maintain balanced cholesterol levels.*

In a review (McRae 2005) of twenty-eight clinical trials, pantethine has been shown to reduce total cholesterol by approximately 15%, LDL cholesterol by 20%, and TGL by 32%, while raising HDL by about 8%.

Our recent study (Rumberger 2011), the first involving a low-moderate risk of cardiovascular disease in a North American population, showed that at a dose of 600 mg per day, Pantesin reduced total cholesterol by 6 mg/dl and LDL by 4 mg/dl, beyond the changes patients experienced on a therapeutic lifestyle diet. We know that for each 1% lowering of TC/LDL-C, there is a concomitant lowering of global CVD by at least 1%.