Portusana™ – Glucose on track!
Maintaining a healthy blood sugar range has a significant impact on an individual‘s health, quality of life and life expectancy. Blood glucose levels can also affect our appetite and how energetic we feel.
Physical activity, weight control, and healthy habits are essential and effective means of maintaining a healthy glucose control.

Frutarom has developed Portusana™, a multifunctional and natural ingredient derived from Purslane that targets the maintenance of healthy blood sugar metabolism, assists in the regulation of blood sugar and supports in weight management programs.

Originating from Southern Asia, Purslane is a fast growing herb rich in valuable nutrients. The fleshy leaves of purslane are appreciated as a culinary ingredient worldwide but it has also a long tradition of medicinal use in Near Eastern.

Portusana™ is a multicomponent extract and develops it unique activity profile by means of synergy between multiple substances.
Portusana’s efficacy is supported by proprietary science. Results showed action on three key mechanisms of glucose metabolism:

• Modulation of cell sensitivity to insulin
• Reduced glucose absorption from intestine into blood stream
• Increased glucose uptake from blood stream into cells