Prenulin with Chromax

Prenulin™ with Chromax is a patent-pending Natural Glucose Support complex that helps control blood sugar levels in normal healthy individuals in two ways: reducing the body’s ability to absorb sugar, and helping to metabolize sugar in a more healthful way. Prenulin “sugar blocker” combines the powerful glucose absorption properties of a specially-made, US-manufactured form of L-arabinose derived from corn, with the insulin control capability of Chromax, the most clinically studied form of chromium on the planet.

Studies show that 1 gram of Prenulin reduces the glucose and insulin impact of 70 grams of sugar by almost 30%. Prenulin is available for use in nutritional supplements, and as a functional ingredient for foods and beverages.

  • Supported by multiple studies
  • Generally recognized as safe (GRAS)
  • Ideal for supplements, foods, confections and beverages
  • All-natural
  • Made in USA