Located in the heart of the Landes forest of Southwestern France, Purextract has been producing plant sterols and polyphenols from maritime pine, grape seed and olive leaf for over 40 years.

Vitaflavan Pur’expert is a polyphenol extracted from the seeds of white grapes. Known for its purity and chemical characteristics, Vitaflavan Pur’expert is high in short oligomers of catechin and epicatechin, a molecule described for several decades by researchers at the University of Bordeaux as a guarantor of the beneficial activity of the OPC and high bioavailability.
Vitaflavan Pur’expert is used for its antioxidant and vascular protection properties and may be used in food supplements or functional foods. It is water- and alcohol-soluble.

Vitaflavan Pur’expert is a fine powder extracted from the seeds of white grapes grown in southwestern France offering the following characteristics:

  • Total polyphenols > 96 % (GPC)
  • OPC > 75 % (GPC)

Vitaflavan : scientific studies and publications have shown the effectiveness of our grape seed extracts in different fields of application.
Biological activities :

  • Cardiovascular protection
  • Stimulation of blood circulation