(PURDY, MO and TRUMBULL, CT) – Devon Bennett, CEO of INS Farms, and Alan Yengoyan, President/CEO at NutriScience Innovations LLC, have announced the launch of Eldermune™* (Elderberry + Sunfiber®**) in two grades, certified organic and conventional. Eldermune™ was developed by INS Farms and will be marketed/supplied exclusively by NutriScience.

According to Devon Bennett, “This agreement will enable us to strengthen our position as a major elderberry grower, manufacturer and supplier in the nutraceutical industry”. Bennett commented, “NutriScience has strong roots in the natural ingredients industry, which makes the company a preferred partner for Eldermune™.”

Eldermune™ combines elderberry juice concentrate, for immune support, plus Sunfiber®, a natural, soluble prebiotic dietary fiber. These ingredients work synergistically to enhance the absorption of elderberry’s immune-supporting phytonutrients in the digestive tract. Eldermune™ is well suited for use in both dietary supplements and the wide-ranging beverage market.

“The use of Sunfiber as a functional carrier brings these synergistic benefits to the consumer by harnessing the immune benefits of elderberry and the prebiotic benefits of Sunfiber®,” said Alan Yengoyan. “Eldermune™ is 100% water soluble elderberry juice powder made with elderberry concentrate that is dried with Sunfiber®,” Yengoyan added.

Eldermune™ is created with a low-temperature drying process that helps maintain higher levels of key antioxidants – polyphenols and anthocyanins – which are fundamental to elderberry’s activity. This product utilizes Sunfiber®, rather than maltodextrin, during the drying process, thus creating an elderberry product that enhances the digestion of healthy nutrients that support immune health.

“Eldermune™ represents a game-changer for the dietary supplement and beverage industries as there is no more need to dry with maltodextrin” Alan Yengoyan explained. Yengoyan adds “Most companies spray dry concentrate using maltodextrin, however, a high-heat drying process destroys and degrades many of the nutrients in elderberry, including the immune-supporting polyphenols”.

Devon Bennett added that Eldermune™ is fully traceable from the fields to the final product with complete control of the supply chain. “It hits all the right consumer notes, as the ingredient is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, and is available as organic certified. By using Sunfiber®, Eldermune™ contains a fiber source that is Monash University Low FODMAP Certified, making it ideal for adults suffering from digestive conditions like IBS,” commented Bennett.

Bennett emphasized that “Eldermune™ is a new concept for flavonoid antioxidants in immune health. The addition of Sunfiber® prebiotic fiber makes this ingredient free of unwanted carriers such as maltodextrin and other additives. This ingredient is pure, simple, natural and ideal for clean-label dietary supplement and beverage applications.”

Eldermune™ will be supplied to food, beverage and dietary supplement customers in North America exclusively by NutriScience Innovations, LLC.