Mobilee® is a natural ingredient with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid that improves mobility, joint health and muscle strength.

It is a extracted from rooster comb and has a unique composition of naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid (60-75 %) other polysaccharides (>10%) and hydrolyzed collagen (>5%).

The efficacy and safety of Mobilee® has been demonstrated in the following scientific studies

  • 6 pre-clinical studies including one nutrigenomic study showed:
    • Absorption
    • Mechanism of action at joint and muscle level
  • 5 randomized clinical trials and 1 meta-analysis showed:
    • Improvement on the joint’s mobility
    • Reduction of joint discomfort and inflammation
    • Increase of muscle strength

Dose: Thanks to its low dose (40-80 mg) and its organoleptic properties, Mobilee® is easy to formulate and does not change either the smell or taste of the foodstuff it’s added to.

Regulatory status:
Novel Food authorization (Europe) and GRAS Status (USA)