The idea of packaging supplements in a beverage delivery format is not a new one, and yet their popularity and demand continues to grow.

NEM Joint Elixir

It takes certain ingredient characteristics for one to even be considered for use in a beverage. Sensory properties like taste and texture are obviously critical for use in beverages. But it’s also important to keep in mind whether the ingredient is dissolvable or emulsifiable, whether it will have any chemical interactions with other ingredients, and that the ingredient is GRAS for use in beverages. If an ingredient can meet all of these criteria for use in a beverage, it opens up a world of formulation opportunities for the consumer segment that relies on beverage supplements each day.

NEM® brand eggshell membrane is an advanced joint health ingredient that can NOW be utilized in beverage formats, too. The ingredient’s characteristics have proven acceptable and undetectable when mixed in beverages. At the 2014 SupplySide West Show in Las Vegas this month, Stratum/ESM partnered with Bioactive Resources to develop a drink mix featuring NEM and flax seed. This new smooth citrus drink prototype, called Joint Elixir, was sampled to show the pleasing taste and texture of NEM. The full effective 500 mg dose of NEM was used in each 4 ounce drink serving.

NEM’s small daily dose and pleasing sensory profile combined with its scientific support and quality manufacturing make this innovative ingredient perfect for joint health beverages.