Fiit-ns® is a proprietary combination of extracts from grapefruit, grape, green tea, guarana, black carrot, bringing strong antioxidant properties from 4 complementary subclasses of polyphenols, and vitamin B3.

The selected polyphenols and active compounds deliver benefits for metabolic anti-aging and quality of life (QOL) improvement by the way of the rejuvenation of metabolic function such as body parameters and biomarkers of inflammation, cardiovascular health, oxidative stress … The higher felling of energy and overall well-being induced by Fiit-ns intake contribute to the improvement of QOL.

A 12-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study has been conducted on 17 obese subjects (BMI=30-33.3). They received either 0.9g/day of Fiit-ns (2x450mg) or a placebo and had a normal diet & 30min/week of physical activity.

After 12 weeks, metabolic markers have been improved, leading to a significant improvement of QOL:

  • Metabolic functions, such as cardiovascular parameters, glycated hemoglobin, oxidative stress, etc significantly improved in the Fiit-ns group.
  • Higher feeling of energy and well-being in the Fiit-ns group.
  • Weight loss of -6.1kg (p<0.005) in the Fiit-ns group associated with more important reductions of waist size and hip size than in the placebo group.

With the publication of this clinical study in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, Fiit-ns confirms delivering benefits from the synergistic combination of selected fruit & vegetable extracts and vitamin B3 to improve QOL based on the rejuvenation of metabolic functions. A second publication-pending clinical study confirms these benefits.
Fiit-ns is suitable for tablets, capsules, sachets, stick-packs, functional beverages, at a daily dosage of 900mg/day.

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