Caffeine is an integral part of exercise regimen which has been shown to boost energy and reduce fatigue in high performance athletes. Caffeine has also been shown to have significant effect on cognitive parameters such as concentration and alertness. Caffeine can be absorbed very quickly and its effect can be felt instantly after consumption leading to energy fluctuations. Currently there is a need for caffeinated products which can continuously provide the desired alertness without the unwanted effects. This need can be met by NewCaff™microcapsules which was designed to provide a controlled release of the active (caffeine) with the additional benefit of masking its objectionable bitter taste.

NewCaff™ microcapsules can be considered a novel approach for incorporating caffeine by overcoming taste limitations of caffeine and controlling its release along 4 hours as shown in a caffeine release test performed.

NewCaff microcapsules can be easily incorporated in a wide range of final applications such as energy powder blends, bars, gels, chewables, dietary supplements, milkshakes, confectionery and chewing gum, etc.


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